Installing a swimming pool is one of the best ways to increase the value of your home – real estate agents say that houses with pools are 7 per cent more valuable than homes without.

If you decide to install a pool when you build your house, you’ll be able to go swimming right away as soon as you move in.

1.Adds Value to Your Home

A pool extends the livable area of your house, making your home more desirable to buy while simultaneously increasing the curb appeal. The backyard transforms into a freclient vation space for relaxation and rejuvenation. More importantly, it makes your house a wonderful place to socialize with others and entertain guests.

It is one of the first things house buyers look for: a pool is a major selling point in Florida, California and anywhere it can be used for a large part of the year. And a pool is a good source of exercise that’s easy on the joints.

Nevertheless, it’s important that you know your market and your target clients before you decide between installing a pool or not. If your neighbourhood is a sea of houses with pools in it, you might not recover your investment when you go to sell, but if you intend to stay in your home for some time, then you can never have enough fun in the sun.

2.Adds Value to Your Life

Since people don’t buy homes just to boost property values – pools are often installed precisely because they provide this benefit – and since pools can improve ‘quality of life’, it is likely that many homeowners simply love their pools, not just because of the enhanced resale value, but also because they are fun to swim in, provide the perfect microclimate for a cool retreat on a hot day, and offer a wonderful place to entertain family and friends – all the while helping the homeowner lose a few inches off the waistline in the process.

Installing an average pool adds extra value to a house, particularly in warm climates, such as in markets in Florida or California. They can also improve a home’s saleability, but buyers should be aware that pools can increase liability and raise insurance rates.

They’re a point of pride in areas where most homes don’t have them, and they can sell your house in an otherwise crowded real estate market. What’s not to like? Kids love swimming pools and will toss their Xboxes, iPads and phones aside long enough to splash around and have a ‘who-can-swim-the-farthest’ contest.

3.Adds Value to Your Family

Since you might stay at home for the long term or be more inclined to share it with others, a pool will not only enhance your value but might attract buyers should you decide to sell.

Depending on your location and neighbourhood, and the size of your yard, a pool might even boost your home’s resale value by as much as 7 per cent, HouseLogic reports.

The third benefit of a swimming pool for home is that it brings your family together. The kids will be much more willing to put down their video games and phones and run to the pool for a round of frolic, healthy enough for yourself as well. You’ll be glad that your offspring have taken longer than a two-minute pause from their sofas.

4.Adds Value to Your Social Life

Your social life can increase a ton by having a pool. It will also allow you to create memories with friends, family and even that special someone. When you have a pool, all you gotta do is go out back when you are having people over and you can all have a great time without ever having to leave the house or fill up your car.

You can also enjoy swim light on warm, starlit night and make it more romantic, private and perfect place to enjoy limited lesiure time with your love or schalow one. Thus, it can be said that swim is not only sport but also natural stress releaser, good mood enhancer and perfect way to keep up your mental and emotional health.

So if you ever want or need to sell your house, it’s good to have a pool or at least perks that the neighbourhood doesn’t have. For someone who wants to get ahead in life, you can hard but just to break even with whoever you’re working for if that isn’t your goal. To get ahead, most people need to own or rent a house, and that means you have to make it more attractive than other houses nearby, emphasising the perks that your potential buyers are looking for.

5.Adds Value to Your Health

People use pools as a source of fun and relaxation whether it be to get some vitamin D, have a pool party, or just hang out. Pools are also a great way for kids to get some screen-free time, while still being busy. This gives parents a break from worrying about what their kids are doing, in a way that is fun for them.

The swimming is one of the most popular fitness activities in the United States and all over the world. This is because the swimming is the good mix of bodywork along minimizing joint impact, giving people a fit and helping to maintain health for the family.

Furthermore, a pool is an endemic cooling system for your house; you will need less air conditioning and save money on your energy bill. It is an addition that you and your family can enjoy and benefit from year-round.