Apple’s latest iPhone is a technological marvel. It is also very slippery. So make sure you get the latest case to go with it.

One of my favorite cases is by Vaja, like this folio model that slots in credit cards and folded bills. It comes in several shades and feels sumptuous in the hand with a soft, silky sheen.

1.A Case

Apple’s latest and most expensive phone, the iPhone X, debuted at almost $1,000. The screen ran edge to edge, and the iconic rectangular home button was replaced with a bunch of fancy new stuff: an OLED screen with Face ID.

It can recognize your face and unlock your phone, mimic your muscle movements to make Animojis, authenticate your identity with Face ID for signing into apps, take snapshots, record video and, yes, do all this with you in portrait mode, blur-reducing for that perfect selfie.

By covering your phone with a good case, you reduce its chances of scratching up, cracking or dropping, which in turn keeps it looking its best for longer. Explore the variety of iPhone X cases at Target – choose one to complement your taste. Some of these cases even have ridges that provide some grip to prevent slipping out from your hand or some edges that are raised to prevent your phone’s screen from either crashing face down on the floor.

2.A Black Camo Skin

For your iPhone X, this black camo skin is the one. We use an industrial programmed 12-head grommet cutting machine, that likely cost more than your student loan to ensure our wraps fit edge to edge at a premium level. It applies with the latest patented bubble release technology, is goo free and offers the highest level of scratch protection available. It also comes with a back-only skin with an open cut-out for most cases.

3.Wireless Headphones

For those with an iPhone X – one of the most powerful smartphones out there – you need headphones that will do your phone justice. Look no further than the best the market has to offer, including Apple AirPods Pro (a great improvement over the previous generation) and the vibrant and lightweight Jabra Elite Active Wireless Bluetooth sports headphone.

Eric Kuhn, who splits his time between composing instrumental music at and developing audio software at, recommends the Sony WH-1000XM4 over-ear headphones. They’re ‘an all-around great-looking product with rich sound.’ These headphones have a cinematic spatial audio mode that emulates surround sound from Dolby Atmos content. They also support Apple’s new high-resolution Hi-Res Audio codec.

If you’re simply looking for a cut-rate set of wireless earbuds with great sound and noise-cancelling affordability, the Skullcandy Mod XT delivers – and is as lightweight and small as the competition. A solid pick for students on the go.

4.Wireless Charging

Apple’s 10th anniversary iPhone X represented a quantum leap for smartphones when it was introduced in 2017. It got rid of Touch ID(opens in new tab) and the Home button, replacing it with Face ID to unlock your phone.

It also boasts a 12-megapixel rear camera system, with twin sensors that enable fast autofocus, wide colour capture and a four-LED True Tone flash.

A wireless charging pad will recharge your iPhone without the need to plug in a cable. Please do not use magnetic mounts, clips, or other mounts between your iPhone and the charger. That could reduce performance. AirPods also recharge wirelessly. Please use an adapter or accessory in accordance with any model’s user guide.


Score a PopSocket Right now, PopSockets are en vogue. They’re little bits of bent plastic that stick on the back of a flat phone or a phone case, and then ‘pop out’ and unfurl like one of those paper accordions. The pop-out gizmo allows you to hold the device better – or more firmly. And whoever holds firmest avoids everyone’s worst smartphone nightmare: dropped phone, smashed screen.

It also then makes filming videos easier, and can hold up a phone or tablet to view hands-free items like YouTube videos or games. While PopSockets do add a bit of bulk that protrudes slightly from the backside of the phone – which some may dislike – they do add an easy grip to a device that is otherwise easily slippery if held just right. Some of the newer models have LED lights, and they do stop most phones from wirelessly charging unless you use some kind of workaround. PopSockets come in a variety of colours and patterns and you can add your logo on them.