Though renting a property may limit you in the ways of home decorating (think no repainting or bespoke storage), it doesn’t mean you can’t make a space feel like your own. Use these clever home decorating ideas for rented apartments to give your rental the love it deserves without risking your landlord’s wrath.

Floor Lamps

Light can transform a space, and one of the best home decorating ideas for rented apartments is to add a new floor lamp. These tall standing lamps come in a wide variety of styles, but the two most common are torchiere and arc lamps. The arc style features a long, curved pole that arches over furniture or seating, while the torchiere lamp has a shade that points upwards.

Both types can help brighten the room and add accent lighting, but it’s important to consider what you want the lamp to accomplish before choosing the type. For example, if you want ambient lighting, a torchiere might be ideal since it shines the most light onto the ceiling. But if you want to illuminate a reading chair, an arc lamp is more suitable as it will direct more light directly on the chair.

Be sure to choose a lamp that is compatible with your landlord’s décor and is safe for the building. If you’re concerned about damaging walls or putting holes in your drywall, opt for lightweight options such as a grid of lighter mirrors instead.

Throw Cushions

Whether it’s for a bedroom or living room, throw cushions make a huge difference to a space. They add colour and comfort, but are cheaper than buying new sofas. Choose bold, pattern-printed pillows to make a big impact or go for oversized pieces that can be easily swapped with new covers down the line.

If you’re not allowed to drill holes in the walls, consider using modular storage that can be disassembled and reassembled at the end of your tenancy. These wooden shelves can be used to showcase a curated collection of books, vintage crockery or even toys – all of which can be taken with you to your next home.

If your rented pad has the WORST carpets in existence, then cover them with a large area rug that will make the place feel homier. A rug can also help to tame squeaky wood floors – something that’s definitely worth mentioning to your landlord before you sign the dotted line.

Unscrew Cupboard Handles

Renting a property can be challenging when it comes to making the home feel like your own. Oftentimes you can’t do major changes, such as painting or switching out cabinet hardware, but there are some simple, cost-effective and damage-free rental decorating ideas that can help you transform a space to suit your style.

For instance, you can easily make a stylish and practical statement by unscrewing the cupboard handles in your kitchen and re-screwing them with new knobs that complement your existing decor. This is a quick and easy DIY project that can be easily undone once you leave the property.

For another creative, yet low-cost idea, you can dress up windows by hanging a set of curtains or valances. This simple DIY apartment decorating trick can add a pop of color and instantly elevate the look of your room. If your landlord won’t let you nail or hang pictures in your rental, a gallery wall of your curated collection of books, vintage crockery or even toys can also make an impact. Just ensure you don’t overfill your gallery wall, as that will look cluttered and less stylish.


The floors in rental homes are often neglected, leading to stains and wear. A fun rug not only covers the floor and adds visual appeal, but it can also protect it from damage that could lead to an expensive deposit deduction at the end of your tenancy.

If your rental has a sea of neutral walls and nondescript seating, inject some personality with decorative throw pillows. They’re easy to change (and cheap) when you get tired of the pattern or color and can be stashed for later use.

Many rentals have basic wire shelving that’s hard to hide with decor. To give yours a sophisticated look that doesn’t require holes in the wall, mount a set of shelves to the wall with an open design and fill them with your favorite ornaments, books or artwork. They’ll be easier to move at the end of your tenancy too.


Renting a home can be challenging, especially when it comes to making it feel like your own. With a few simple, practical and damage-free rental decorating ideas, though, you can transform your space into a well-curated and livable retreat.

A bookcase is a piece of storage furniture with fixed shelves holding books and other objects. It can range in size from a small crate to tall options that extend to the ceiling. Whether you choose a traditional wooden design or a more modern alternative made from particleboard, MDF, or even metal, a bookcase will make a great addition to any room of your rental home.

Use a decorative backing for the shelf to add flair. You can also create a tree bookcase by attaching a tree trunk to the wall and using the branches as shelves. If your landlord allows it, hang a set of draperies to add a chic touch to any room. It’s an apartment-friendly way to give a wall some personality without drilling or painting, and you can take them with you when you move out.