Haldi and mehendi decoration at home is easy with a few simple ideas. Add marigolds in vases as a backdrop and seating in a contrasting colour for the perfect picture setup.

Jute baskets are inexpensive and can be painted yellow to add to the haldi decor at home. Fill them up with more flowers and tall vases to create an earthy corner that will be stunning in photographs.

Mandala Painting

Mandala painting is a form of art that can be used for many different purposes. It is often used in meditation and as a way to express one’s inner feelings and thoughts. The mandala is a circle decorated with imagery that can represent the universe, God, the true nature of self, cosmological truths, or anything else that one may choose to focus on. It is a very personal experience and one that can be very therapeutic.

It is a perfect way to keep the haldi decoration at home simple and inexpensive. All you need is a large piece of paper and some crayons to get started. You can even use multiple colors to create a unique look.

Another cheap and easy haldi decoration idea is to hang up kites in your backyard. These are a great way to retain the yellow theme of the celebration while adding an element that is fun and festive. They are also a great way to keep the kids entertained!

Hanging Tassels

One of the most common background Haldi and mehendi decorations for intimate weddings is a beautiful flower backdrop. Using flowers like marigold, mango leaves and banana leaves is not only easy on the budget but also looks absolutely beautiful. Moreover, you can add more flowers to it for a more vibrant look.

If you want a more elaborate background haldi decor for your mehendi ceremony, use a canopy of pretty flowers or even multi-coloured gota tassels on a cane frame. It will surely look stunning on your pictures and will instantly grab all the attention of your guests.

Use your dupattas to set up a colourful canopy for your mehndi function. Hang them crisscrossed over the furniture and decorate them with strings of fairy lights and flowers to make your room look aesthetic and simple at the same time. This is a budget friendly and quick haldi decoration idea that will instantly brighten up your room.


Marigolds are a staple flower in Indian weddings as it symbolizes beauty and love. This colourful flower is also used as a part of haldi and mehendi ceremonies. Create a beautiful backdrop by hanging marigold garlands or making a floral wreath. This is a low-cost and simple Haldi decoration idea that will look great at your home.

You can even use sunflowers for this decoration idea as it signifies happiness and positivity. This will make your guests feel welcome as soon as they enter the house. Make a welcoming sign using cardboard and marigold flowers to greet your guests. Hang this near the entrance and add a few banana leaves or other types of greenery for added appeal.

Use colour paper to cut and fold into various shapes. These can include lanterns, diya, fans, umbrellas, boats or kites with cute messages or the couple’s initials. These can be hung in a bright shade or a mix of colours to create a lively haldi and mehendi decor. You can even make attractive photo booths out of these props.

Dupatta Canopy

There are several ways to add a touch of glamour to your Haldi ceremony. One way is to decorate the entranceway with a gorgeous floral canopy. This will create a sense of grandeur and also make it look beautiful in pictures. Another way to add a little bit of elegance is to place a floral cabinet on the stage. You can also ask your decorators to cover the cabinet in pink fabric and add hanging marigolds to complete the look.

Aside from being a traditional symbol of love, marigolds are also known to represent inner strength and positivity. Therefore, they are the perfect addition to any haldi decoration setup.

Adding a backdrop for the bridal seating area is an easy and low-cost way to add glamour to your Haldi ceremony. You can use parandis that match the color of the flowers or simply hire a frame and hang it up with colorful ribbons to create a stunning backdrop. It is also a great option if you’re on a budget and want to impress your guests with a simple yet elegant setup.

Painted Kettles

Show off your artistic side with this fun and quirky decor idea. Take old kettles and paint them in bright and peppy colours. This will instantly add a festive touch to your mehndi setup and is an easy DIY option as well.

For the bohemian brides, this is one of the most creative mehndi decoration ideas. Use beautiful pom-poms, tassels and gotta patches to decorate the kettles. Hang them by moli/kalawa thread (for that auspicious look) or jute rope and voila! Your very own dreamcatchers for mehendi.

You can also decorate the teepee tent with floral bulbs and drapes to give it a more elegant and romantic feel. This will make your haldi and mehendi a lot more intimate and will also give you some major #mehendigoals.