Many old Android devices are unable to run the latest web browsers due to hardware limitations. However, a lightweight browser can help save memory and cellular data.

There are several lightweight browsers available on the app store. These browsers consume less memory and are more stable than their full-featured counterparts.

Jelly Browser

It is a lightweight web browser with lots of features. It supports all Android 6.0+ phones, has a built-in ads blocker and supports multiple tabs on screen. Jelly is a free app for your phone and tablet. It also offers a secure browsing experience by blocking online trackers and displaying the website in a light theme. Its simple UI makes it easy to use and works well on low end devices.

It’s based on the Chromium engine like Chrome but has a few unique additions. Its new tab page lets you customize a color to suit your mood and its bottom bar grants access to useful functions (including Bing rewards) without opening any pages. But it’s more suited for users already deeply routed in Microsoft’s ecosystem than those who want a better-performing alternative to Chrome.

This is the default browser on LineageOS devices, and it’s a great choice for older phones with crappy specs or those with a slow internet connection. It uses less memory and CPU resources than other browsers, and it has a variety of helpful features, including a speed dial function that lets you save favorite websites, translation support for multilingual sites, and the ability to search in multiple languages. It even has a feature that automatically selects the best search results from your preferred providers.

UC Browser Mini

UC Browser Mini is a lightweight web browser for Android smartphones that has great features and comes in a tiny package. It is especially useful for smartphones that don’t have a lot of memory space and has features like Incognito browsing, Night mode, and gesture controlled video. It also has a number of other cool features such as Navigation Cards, Fast Browsing, Smart Downloading, and Data Saving.

The UC Browser Mini also lets you switch between tabs with ease, so you can read a new article without waiting for the old one to load. This feature makes it easy to do research or find the latest news. You can even pause videos and do searches for information about the topic that you are watching. This is a feature that isn’t available on most browsers, so it is a nice touch.

UC Browser Mini works well on low end devices, and it has great performance. It’s faster than other browsers, and it has a minimalist design that uses less memory. It can also be used to surf the internet on public Wi-Fi networks. The UC Browser Mini also has a built-in VPN that protects your privacy. Its minimalist design also allows you to save data on your smartphone. It also has many features that are useful for low end devices, including cloud download, ad block, text-only browsing, and save page.

Dolphin Zero

With Dolphin Zero, users can enjoy the benefits of a private browser without sacrificing performance. The app, which is free to download, promises not to collect or store browsing data, form or input data, passwords, cached files, cookies, or favicons. It also supports Do Not Track, which is standard on most mobile browsers. The app also offers a minimalist design that is ideal for low-end devices.

Dolphin Zero has been redesigned with privacy in mind, and its developers say that it will never collect, share, or sell your personal information. It promises to never store any of your browser or app history, and it deletes all data and favicons once you exit the program. It also aims to keep your device safe by directing all searches to the privacy-conscious DuckDuckGo search engine and offering Do Not Track as default.

The Dolphin emulator is a popular way to play Wii and Gamecube games on Android devices. It is open source and has extensive compatibility with the official catalog of games on both platforms. Its latest version has improved the speed of emulation, and its developer is continuing to improve it with monthly updates. One of the simplest ways to boost Dolphin performance is to disable EFB VRAM Copies. This will significantly increase the FPS of your games. You can find this option in the Settings menu, under Performance.

Via Browser

Via Browser is a lightweight Android browser that has a standard range of features, including ad blocking, privacy and security. The app also supports various add-ons that enhance productivity. Users can customize the homepage, view desktop sites, and import/export bookmarks with ease. It also has a night mode and allows users to save pages for offline reading.

The Opera Mini web browser is another option for low end Android devices. It uses less data and compresses images to improve page load speeds. Its data-saving features are useful if you’re on a limited mobile data plan, as they can help you avoid running out of your monthly allowance too quickly. In addition to these features, the Opera Mini app has a variety of other features, such as an ad blocker, private browsing, and video download support.

Another alternative is the DuckDuckGo web browser, which focuses on keeping your activities private. It’s based on Chromium, so it doesn’t have all of the bells and whistles of other browsers, but it does make sure to eliminate ad-trackers and give each website a privacy grade. In addition, it allows you to wipe your tabs and history with a single tap. The app is available on both iOS and Android devices. In addition, it can be used on PCs using an emulator, such as Amiduos.